A First for Resolutions

At this time each year, everyone starts broadcasting their New Years resolutions. I have always thought New Years resolutions were kind of… lame. In my opinion, if something¬† is worthy of a change big enough to be a resolution, why do we wait for New Years? It’s the illusion of a fresh start, but in reality, its just another day. If something needs a change, why not start immediately? If you need time to get your ducks in a row, pick the start of a week.

Please, understand that I AM NOT saying resolutions are bad. They are good. I merely ask the question, of “Why wait?”. If its a change that will be beneficial to your mind, soul, body, or family, start now.

Normally, my resolutions are about as deep as merely hoping to remember to write the current new year instead of the old! Amiright?!


This year I am going against my tradition of not setting resolutions. The past few months, ok, years, I have felt all over the place! It’s mostly my own fault, I have many passions, interests, and side jobs. All of them are good, but together it can be overwhelming. Not to mention, the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. I feel my head spinning, blood pressure rising, and I need to slow down, re-evaluate, and set guidelines for myself. I’m choosing now to do that, and it happens to fall in line with New Years Resolutions.


WRITE MY 2ND CHILDREN’S BOOK. I know EXACTLY what the book will be, title and all. However, I’m having a ‘blank page’ type of writers block. I know that if I get started, write the first sentence, then everything will start flowing. I love my first book, “The Giant Fish & Jonah“. It has been really well received. Part of me is afraid I can’t do it again. I’m full of self doubt. I need to trust in Him and I need to get over myself!

VOLUNTEER. Volunteering used to be a top priority of mine. The organization most dear to my heart is Love Fosters Hope. It makes a lasting impact in the lives of foster teens, and in 2018 I intend to get plugged back in!

In this video, you will see foster teens who I have had the incredible privileged to work with. The poem is written by the first young man you see. I tear up every single time I watch it. I may not get to see them often, but they have a large place in my heart forever.

TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF. This is a biggie. Over the past 2 years, I get so caught up doing mommy things, or trying to grow my design business, that I neglect myself. This isn’t healthy for anyone. I need to drastically improve my self-care so that I can be the woman, wife, and mommy that I want to be, and that my family needs. Here is how I plan to do that.

  • Cook healthy and eat out less. This is a goal that will positively affect health and finances. Total transparency? I’m still hanging on to 35lbs after having Grayson 2 years ago! I gained 50lbs with both pregnancies. I lost it all after Cullen, but it took me 2 years. What is my excuse after Grayson? Life is tough and I became a stress eater. Ok, not an excuse, but a little bit more transparency.
  • Exercise frequently, without giving myself mom-guilt. During these last two years I give myself MAJOR mom-guilt every time I think about going to the gym. In my head I’m thinking things like, “Instead of focusing on your bod, you should be cleaning the house, taking your kids on a walk, making business contacts, working on that project that’s due” etc. The list is endless. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. In truth, our health needs to be a priority so that we can have long lives and enjoy all of the other things!
  • Learn how to do the splits! …again! Flexibility in general! I took 15+ years of ballet classes, and used to be ridiculously flexible. I don’t want to end up as an old lady who can barely reach for her cup of coffee, or bend to tie her shoes. Keeping limber is great for the bod!

DO THINGS FOR MYSELF. It’s important that we foster interests outside of being a mother and wife. Women need to make sure that we take time to grow our personal ambitions and interests too! It’s important for children to see this.

  • Take a class. There are several classes that are on my 2018 ‘to do’ list. Photography, Acting, and Design. All of these are interests¬† of min, and I would love to hone my skill and become better.

FRIENDSHIPS. Embarrassing, but this an area that I have to work on. I don’t know what my deal is, but close friendships don’t come naturally. (If you’re my friend and know why, please enlighten me.) When I do develop a bestie, if distance is added to the relationship, that friendship gets totally neglected.

  • Pick up the phone and CALL (not text). WHAT?? But texting is what we do! I think I may actually be allergic to talking on the phone. Ugh, this is literally how I feel. However, I have a few friends that live far away who I love dearly. I need to pick up the dang phone and call.
  • Set up lady dates. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, play-dates! I don’t care! I just need to do it! I have SO MANY close acquaintances. I need to work on investing time and energy into some of these wonderful people.

self reflection

Surprisingly, I don’t feel overwhelmed. None of this will happen overnight. My resolutions are not the type that require a drastic change starting January 1st, but constant review of life choices. Writing and spending time self-reflecting has been wonderful for me! I encourage you to arrange time to sit down with pen and paper, your notes on your phone, or whatever it is that you do!

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