Flourishing in Social Fellowship

Taking time for self-care can be tough. In my last blog post, I even mentioned how that is a HUGE part of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018. As a Christian woman, spending time with the Lord is essential to self-care. (ie, praying, reading the Bible, or a devotional book) It is the absolute most important thing, yet it is easily neglected in our busy lives. We think things like, “I’ll do it later!”, or “tomorrow”, or “I gotta get better about that.” … but we don’t. Not because we are bad, or don’t love Jesus. We do! or, at least I do! It’s just a vicious cycle that we let ourselves get into.

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Now, before some of my old Sunday School teachers start hyperventilating… my family goes to church almost every Sunday, I am in a weekly women’s Bible study, and we say the blessing before meals. Driving and showering has always been the 2 places that I seem to get the most praying done. It seems random, but I guess it’s because there is nothing else to distract me.

What I lack, and what I desperately need is that quiet, alone, and intentional time with God. As a mom, the alone part is sooo hard to come by! I don’t even go to the bathroom alone. <– (insert massive eye roll)

What I finally did today, was sit my little guy on the couch next to me, put on a little tv show. It gave me just enough time to sip some coffee and read my new devotional, “Flourish”, by Margaret Feinberg.

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“Flourish”, by Margaret Feinberg

Today I read the intro to the book, and I am already so moved. Last year I was able to take part in Feinberg’s devotional, “Fighting Back With Joy”, and hear her speak in person at my church’s Christmas dinner. That is actually where I bought the book, and she signed it! She is an incredible writer and breaths truth and encouragement through her words. I cannot wait to dive deeper into “Flourish”.


In the intro of the book, Feinberg talks about flourishing despite adversity. We choose to flourish and choose joy because we have hope and comfort in Him.

“… a life that flourishes nurtures the community around us. “God can make the dry tree flourish” Ezekiel 17:24) illustrating that adversity cannot steal God’s ability to make us flourish.”

I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear that. It’s something I should remind myself daily. She also mentions that “life is best lived alongside others, Flourish is designed to be enjoyed among friends.”


I’m serious. Social Media often gets knocked, but it’s also a great way to meet and interact with real, beautiful, genuine people who you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Flourish - Social

Here’s the plan….

  1. Go buy your book now! It’s on Amazon, BarnesandNoble, and several others.
  2. Follow me on Instagram, @amyleecreel .
  3. Each Friday, beginning 1/12/17, I will Post a devotional type picture. Anyone doing this can comment and fellowship together about our thoughts for the week. I’ll also probably talk on insta-stories about my thoughts. I encourage you to do the same!
  4. I will also start an Instagram Private Chat group for anyone who wants to share more private thoughts. Please let me know if you want to be added to that. Chat will only be allowed on Fridays to prevent overloading people’s inbox all week long.
  5. As soon as your book comes in, read Margaret’s Invitation to the book, and the first section, “Planted in Love”.flourish-planted-in-love.jpg
  6. On Friday, January 12, 2017 I will post a pic, and we can discuss your thoughts on “Planted in Love”.
  7. There are 52 entries to this book, so that will allow for 52 weeks of Social Fellowship. This will be open for people to join at ANY time!
  8. I encourage you to post or do stories about this on your own feed any time! Let’s use the following hashtags so that we can stay connected. #socialfellowship , and Margaret Feinberg’s tag, #flourishdevo . And tag me so that people know where to come for the group chat

Important disclaimer — This is my idea to start a social media Bible study for women, but TO GOD BE THE GLORY! My sincere hope and prayer is that this will be far reaching among women everywhere, and that people will feel connected and find deeper relationships with God.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Now, lets get started!!!

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  1. Annie Alamo says:

    I’m excited for this!!! I have been wanting to do a bible study with other ladies but because of work I can’t. I will order the book and join you. I totally relate to everything you wrote here.


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