Social Fellowship: Week 1

I am so excited to get this started! I had been praying and thinking about something special to do on my blog, and this is it! I am opening up my blog and instagram to be a place for women to fellowship together via social media. My prayer is that this is a blessing to women and unites them globally. I understand that is a God size prayer… but… He is the creator of the universe after all!

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, check out my blog post, “Flourishing in Social Fellowship” , then gather at my instagram page every Friday for fellowship.

This week we started the very first section of Margaret Feinberg’s devotional book, “Flourish”. The first section is called “Planted in Love”, and we read Week 1.

flourish - planted in love


The week starts out with Feinberg reminding us of 3 words that we need to hear.




God speaks of love constantly throughout the Bible. He tells us that he loves us, yet sometimes it’s hard to believe. We get caught up in our own heads, and dwell on our own faults. Let me remind you of this… If Jesus DIED brutally on the cross for you, then certainly he loves you, and certainly he wants a relationship with you.

We have to get out of our heads, accept His love, and remind ourselves that the debt of our sin has already been paid. I am so thankful for a God that forgives. The Bible says he washes us white as snow when we ask for forgiveness… if only we could see ourselves the way he sees us. So pure. So clean. THAT IS HIS LOVE.

Because he loves us, “he wants us to flourish” (pg 11). I believe it, do you? If you don’t, I encourage you to stop where you are and pray for it.

You know, the paragraph on page 7, where Feinberg talks about how we seek others approval?? Yeah, that hit home. Hard. Especially where she talks about the silent desire that you wish people would say more. My love language is Words of Affirmation, so maybe that’s why. Regardless of my ‘why’, I need to take her point to heart. God really is the only one who can provide that satisfaction.

On page 12, Feinberg talks about how it is difficult to fathom how much God loves us. I wanted to share something that I often think about. I am a mother of 2 incredibly little boys. Many of you are mothers too. Sometimes I look at my boys and I literally feel like I could burst with how much love I have for them. A mother’s love is intense to say the least. Now, think about how God loves you infinitely more than that! It’s mind blowing. 

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! After all, that is the whole point of Social Fellowship! Even if you didn’t read along with us, head over my instagram and look for the ‘WEEK 1’ post. Share what God is doing in your life, prayer requests, or see what God is doing in other’s lives. Let’s breath life and love into each other!

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