Am I Too Flawed?

A discussion of Week 2 of Margaret Feinberg’s devotional, “Flourish”


You guys … I needed to hear every word Feinberg said this week. Loved it! The title doesn’t necessarily match the study, so don’t feel like it wont relate if you aren’t a perfectionist. I’m definitely not one! In fact, I could use a little more perfectionism in my messy life.

The study this week is about how many of us feel deeply flawed. Maybe you don’t feel like that all of the time, but I think pretty much everyone is discouraged by self doubts occasionally. Feinberg relates this to how we perceive ourselves as eligible disciples in the eyes of God. Are we too flawed to be used by him?

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I’ll be vulnerable and admit one of my flaws that makes me wonder if God truly wants to use me. Here goes… I like being in the spotlight. No, I stinkin’ LOVE it. I find great joy when people think I’m funny, or get a rise from how I tend to go WAY over the line. My entire life I have enjoyed the literal spotlight via performing arts. Choir. Ballet. Hip Hop. (don’t laugh… I’ve got some moves!) And especially theater. Up until just before Grayson was born, I acted in community theater, auditioned frequently, and was in several commercials and indi films. I hope to continue that one day soon.

See…. this is proof positive that I like the spot light. I just went on and on about how I like the spotlight for like 10 minutes. Ok, maybe not that long, but you get the point! I have always felt that my calling to ministry would be a public calling. Deep in my heart, I believe that God wants to use my writing and acting to point people to Jesus, and show his love. BUT I also often struggle that God won’t be able to use me because I like the spotlight too much. Will he really want to use someone like me? Someone who he has to worry about not giving him the glory?! It’s a real fear.

The Good News is, “Jesus assembles an improbable team.” (pg 18). Feinberg goes on to list the majorly flawed characteristics of each of the 12 Disciples. Each of them were so flawed, but he chose them. HE CHOSE THEM! Did you really hear me? HE CHOSE THEM and their flaws!

He chose me.

He chose you!

He wants us to live life loved, flaws and all.

He doesn’t care about our flaws and our inabilities.

He doesn’t care about what we can’t do.

He calls all of us to be loved by Him.

If He wants to use us, He will.

Flaws and all.

One of my favorite quotes of this week’s study was this … “Our weaknesses and flaws can become portals for God’s grace, windows to display his glory.” (pg 21) I don’t know about you, but I must look like a swiss cheese portal!

He wants us to come, just as we are. What a relief.

That sums up my thoughts on the week, leave a comment here, or head to my instagram, @amyleecreel to join in Social Fellowship! Share thoughts, prayer requests, or what God is doing in your life.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Love this. And while I straddle the line of perfectionist thinking and being okay with being okay, I needed this reminder. I also might need to grab feinbergs devo. I love her writings!!


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