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This week are discussing Week 4 of Margaret Feinberg’s devotional, “Flourish”


This weeks devo is all about Love, which I found to be quite fitting as we gear up for Valentine’s Day. A time where we focus so much on the romantic type of love. Wouldn’t it be nice if we used this wonderful holiday to also focus on sharing Christ’s love with others? We may not all have the means to do big things, but we can ALL do little things. Maybe that means you open the door for someone, or instead of judging, you let the mom with the screaming, temper tantrum, toddler go first in the grocery line. Maybe you even offer a sweet smile or word of encouragement.

In these few brief pages, Feinberg talks about the many facets of love. She likens it a wiggly, squirmy, toddler. Here are a few of the attributes of love that she mentions. “Love rejoices. Love protects. Love trusts. Love forgives.” (pg 22). I encourage you to take a moment and think about an attribute of love that you have experienced recently. The one that I keep coming up with is, Love weeps. This week, my 2 year old experienced an eye trauma that required us to be sent to Texas Children’s for chemical burn treatment. As my little guy was strapped to a board, screaming crying to the point of no sound … you all know that scream… my mommy heart broke. I may not have been crying on the outside because I wanted to be strong for my little man, but on the inside, my heart wept. (Don’t buy laundry detergent with a pump! It’s too easy for littles to grab a nice hefty squirt.)

Flourish wk4 - paint drips

God’s love is unlike anything we can possibly fathom, and the Bible is chock full of examples. I imagine that his love weeps for us all of the time. Feinberg mentions 1 John 4:19-21: “We love because he first loved us . . . Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.” He’s not just talking about blood brothers and sisters here, but your brothers and sister is Christ… and beyond. All of that amazing love that God fills us with, we must then pass it along. But don’t worry, God fills us right back up. He’s good like that.

In a world that is so filled with chaos and hate, we as believers need to take this message of love to heart. We cannot just sit on our heels and love the ones immediately around us. We need to make a point to ask God to open our eyes to those who need love in our midst. At the grocery store. At the gas pump. On a walk. That mom sitting alone at the park. Lord, let us have open eyes!

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