Focusing on Today amidst uncertainties of tomorrow

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This week are discussing Week 5 of Margaret Feinberg’s devotional, “Flourish”


“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22

Over the past several months, God seems to be teaching me a recurring lesson. I cannot begin to tell you how many Bible studies and sermons I’ve heard about shifting your focus to today, instead of worrying about tomorrow. This week’s lesson fits right along with that theme!

In a personality test that I took while on staff at my church, my top 2 personality traits were ‘Woo’, and ‘Futurist’. Woo is an extrovert who loves the spotlight, to tell stories, to make other’s laugh, etc. Totally me. A Futurist is someone who is always thinking of the next big thing. They are typically innovative and big picture thinkers. Also totally me. This personality trait can be a great thing, but it can also be a double edged sword. What I’ve realized is, many times I am so focused on figuring out God’s will for my life tomorrow, that I neglect God’s will for my life today. He has a purpose for each and every single day. We must keep our eyes and ears open. Maybe we need to learn something to equip us for the future, or maybe there is a stranger in our midst that we need to bless or minister to while in the line at the Dollar Store, or post office.

Sometimes, worry about tomorrow is more serious than just wondering or planning for what’s next. Maybe it’s worrying about how you will pay your mortgage, or as Feinberg relates… her employees. Sometimes, the weight of our circumstances feels unbearable. My family has personally lived through some serious financial hardships, but God always provided, and in some pretty miraculous ways. You can see my testimony about that here.

Feinberg lays out Matthew 6: 31-34. Here are my summarized bullet points.Flourish - WK5

  1. God provides.
  2. We must seek his kingdom and righteousness.
  3. The rest will fall into place.
  4. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Simple steps, yet our emotions can get the best of us. My best answer is that we have to be intentional everything. Intentional about trusting Him. Intentional about giving our worries or obsession with the future over to God. Intentional about prayer. Intentional about focusing on today.

The bottom line: In the midst of our worry, anxiety, or over planning, this is the exact place where God wants you. He’s got you in his hand. Learn your lesson for today. Let him use today to build character, equipping you for what he has in store for your future. And while we’re at it, use today to grow deeply, madly, and passionately in love with the One True Provider.

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