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My thoughts are inspired from my devotional, my women’s Bible study, & life experiences. See Margaret Feinberg’s, “Flourish” if you want to read along. Today: Week 7, When You Feel God Let You Down. )

This week, I read about our fickle nature and when we feel let down by God. We as believers can feel connected one day, but if something goes wrong we feel let down by God the next. Maybe it’s because we’re hurt, or don’t understand. Maybe we were praying for was something that we thought would be beneficial to His Kingdom, and help show God’s love. Why would the answer be no? Or, why would he not have stepped in? Instead of feeling disillusioned or let down, we have to choose to remember that if it had needed it to be done, he would have done it. No matter how big or small.

Sometimes the pain is so severe that we choose to step away from God. For a day, a month, or indefinitely. Life is full of pain. Sorrows that I imagine are among the worst, are are loosing a child, spouse, or parent much too early.

Lately, we are fearful and consumed with thoughts of what we should do about gun control. Each time a mass shooting happens it’s terrifying. What if my son’s school is next? What if the next time I’m at the mall there’s an active shooter. What would I do?

Bombings, earth quakes, hurricanes, floods, car wrecks, cancer, etc.

Answers for healing that come in the form of eternal healing, when what we so desperately wanted was physical earthly healing.

My thoughts on all of this have me thinking about how in these situations we seem to ask, WHY WOULD GOD LET THESE THINGS HAPPEN?! I hear it all the time. Especially from unbelievers trying to poke holes in Christianity.

What we fail to remember is, this is not Heaven.

Sometimes God’s answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes he heals, or protects us from unknown harms. But not always, because THIS IS NOT HEAVEN.

Flourish 7-God has given us a promise of eternity in Heaven with him due to his grace and forgiveness. That gives me hope for the future. The Bible says that that those who believe in God will go to Heaven, a place of no pain and no heartache. No more suffering, no more loss. We will spend eternity singing praises and dancing on the streets in eternal sunshine.

Incredible, right? I don’t want to hurry life on earth, but at the same time my soul longs for eternity in Heaven, hopefully with all of my loved ones.

During suffering, we cannot forget that we are not in heaven yet. God never promised life on earth would be perfect and pain free. We can’t expect it to be. And that hurts sometimes.

Be fervent in prayer for all of these things. God does still work miracles. He does protect. He does heal. I have seen evidence of it, so we should still petition him for it. Fix your eyes upon him and take comfort in our hope for the future with him.

If this speaks to you, or if you have stepped away from God, take it to heart that “God hasn’t given up on you even if you have given up on him.” (pg41). Turn to him for comfort and emotional healing. He is the true provider.

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