Finding God In The Little Things

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These thoughts are inspired from life experiences, my women’s Bible study, & a devotional I’m reading. See Margaret Feinberg’s, “Flourish” if you want to read along. Today-Week 8)

I’m going to start off with a bit of honesty. Originally, I started this online devotional series because I thought it was something that God truly wanted me to do. I felt that he wanted to use this little platform I have to help minister and unite women. Currently, I’m on week 8, doing bi-weekly posts, and I have no idea if anyone actually reads these or if it’s helping anyone in any way.

The truth is, today I almost quit this devo series. Not blogging, just this series. Why do I sit here writing, using precious time, if only maybe 3 people even glance at it?! Not to mention that I started a new part time job this week at my church in children’s ministry, and I have 1.4 million other things that I need to do. You see my point?

Fast forward to now, and I’m sitting here continuing to write this devo series. You know why? Conviction. Pure conviction. I feel like no one is reading it, yet I still feel that God wants me to continue. And ya know what? If just one person reads this series and it helps them on their spiritual walk in some way… I count it all joy.

Flourish 8This weeks devotional message from the book, “Flourish”, is about how God is in all of the details. Even the small ones. Often times, we only petition God for the big things. I am certainly guilty of this! It’s too easy to take charge of small things ourselves. Sometimes, we think that God doesn’t need to worry about this tiny, little problem or detail. I can handle it! But the truth is, he cares about it all, and he’s got this!

We all need to be more cognoscente of throwing him up little arrow prayers. “Hey God, thank you for letting that email be well received.” Or, “thank you for helping me make it to the bathroom before I pee myself!” Mom problems, right?! #everytime

While I was reading this devotional it dawned on me that I was so ready to give up writing this series, even though I had originally felt like it was something God wanted me to do. In my perception of my life right now, I have so many other ‘bigger’ things going on right now. For example, starting a church ministry job, finishing my second book, and being a good mother and wife. This series feels little in my mind. However, Feinberg’s words reminded me that God is in all things, even the little things. God sometimes does have an end for “callings”, but this was my own feelings, not his. And when I truly prayed and reflected on it, I knew that this is something that he still wants from me. No matter how big or small.

Maybe nobody reads this, but I know from my convictions that it is something that God wants me to obey. And so I will continue for as long as he wants!

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