Last week, my sweet friend Jennie, came over to practice drawing henna on my hands. Historically, henna has been used as a form of body art in Middle Eastern, Arabian, and Indian cultures. For centuries, women have adorned themselves with these beautifully intricate designs for weddings and other special celebrations. amyleecreel-henna

In more recent years, henna has been popping up at huge festivals like Cochella, as a way to express your inner boho-rock star. I don’t know if that’s exactly an exact description, but it sums it up to me!

Jennie decorated both of my hands, which took her about an hour and half. In that time we had the best conversation! I got to learn all about henna, and how she ministers to people through this gorgeous art form.

Over the years, she has gone to India quite a few times and has grown a love for the culture and people there. Recently, she began taking henna classes as a way to easily connect to the women she meets while visiting. Both blessing them with awesome designs, and creating easy conversation topics. Henna designs are usually deep in meaning, and to Jennie, the meaning is rich in Christ’s love for us. As she draws the design, she explains that each and every henna drawing is intricately designed and incredibly unique. Exactly the way that God created each and every one of us. He loves us so much. We are each uniquely designed, and he knows every one of our intricacies.

The conversation openers certainly are not limited to just Indian women! My designs are mostly faded now, but while they were vivid, I had a number of conversations with random people. One included a neighbor which wouldn’t’ have been initiated had I not had the henna on my hands. Each convo led to discussion about my beliefs, ministry, and how sharing the love of God can be done in many different ways. amyleecreel-henna-hands

I hope that you find that encouraging. Sometimes it’s hard to find our place in ministering to other people. Or, you might find it difficult finding ways to easily talk to others. My encouragement would be to take time to pray about it. God wants to use you to love on others, so ask him to reveal a way that is special to you. We are all unique and hold many different talents, interests, hobbies, and passions. We don’t all have to be cookie cutter missionaries! The mission field is all around us.

Lord, help us use the intricacies that you so lovingly designed in us to help spread your love in unique and exciting ways!

I will NOT be silent! I WILL“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”Psalms 96:3


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