Goat Yoga is a real thing!

No longer is it only for the rich and the famous. Unless you consider me a celebrity… then in that case celebrities are the ones doing it still. Kidding kidding…

Recently, my sister, Rachel, got a hair-brained idea to whisk both me, and my mom, away for a morning surprise. She built this surprise up for over a week, saying only that we needed athletic wear that wouldn’t show our big booties when we bent over. Um, okay? The noble side of me was thinking maybe we were volunteering in homeless shelter and we’d be moving heavy supplies… I don’t know! The adventurous side of me thought maybe a high ropes course or sky diving! Things I would have been okay with, but my mom, not so much.


Fast forward to the morning of our mysterious adventure. Rachel, picked us up with iced coffees and Chick-fil-A breakfast. As we drove to our destination we probed for more hints while grazing on our breakfast. She finally told us that it was a guided activity that would make us giggle. Um… still no clue!

As we began to venture out into the country, we finally pulled up next to a sign that said “Goat Yoga Texas“. I immediately hooped and hollered with delight. My mom looked thoroughly confused. She loves goats, but was a wee bit concerned as to what on earth was involved in yoga with goats.


Let me go ahead and put your wondering mind to rest. All three of us are now huge fans!! From the second we walked up, we heard the soothing voice of our instructor, Kimberly Brooke, aka Goat Momma.

Yoga takes place in a coral, where Kimberly leads you through mild yoga poses, as precious goats lazily join you. Some walk around from person to person, and some make fast, loyal, comrades with the participants by cuddling up, or nestling behind your back or under your knees.


If you’re wondering if Goat Yoga has any actual health benefits, it does. The beginner friendly yoga poses that you move through certainly stretch your body. During the calm and peaceful stretches, you also have the opportunity to pet animals. During this process, your body releases the same endorphins as when you eat chocolate. It is proven therapy for both the goats and the humans!

Here are a couple of helpful tidbits in understanding the concept behind goat yoga. You can find these points and much more, including booking info on the Goat Yoga Texas website.

  • “Farm-animal therapy has been shown to help with everything from ADHD and autism to mental illness and depression.”
  • “Human-goat interaction  is not only one of the longest running human-animal partnerships on the planet, but a mutually beneficial relationship with measurable health benefits.”


Now, here is one of the best parts! After your yoga session is over, you are able to stay and love on the goats and take plenty of pictures. We enjoyed every minute of it, as did everyone else in our session.


I was beyond shocked to experience the adoration of these goats. Who knew that goats were such snuggly little creatures? As you hold them they seriously reach their cute little faces up for little goat kisses. One even fell asleep while cradled on his back in my sister’s arms.


As we were leaving, I exclaimed to Kimberly, the owner and Goat Momma, that they really appear to genuinely love her. Just like dogs would. She exclaimed back to me, “Why, yes! They do!”. Color me envious. I now want to be a goat mom too.

Goat-Yoga- A rising exercise trend and the real health benefits

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  1. Julie Drouillard says:

    Thank you for dicumenting our experience with Goat Yoga. It really was all that and more. I plan on bringing friends and doing it again. And, Rachel, thank you for a fabulous surprise.


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