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When I first became pregnant with my oldest son, every woman older than me warned that “Time goes by quickly, honey!! Before you know, it, they will be in Kindergarten! And soon after that they will be graduating!!”

At first, comments like that didn’t bother me, 18 years sounded like a LOOONG time! But soon after giving birth, the postpartum anxiety set in and I began obsessing over the fact that soon my sons would be a fully grown, stinky, bearded men. I don’t feel as anxious about that now, but I do wish time would slow down! My oldest son starts 1st grade this year! How did that happen? He is so big, and has begun to read so well. I am both amazed and saddened that it is happening so fast.

I’m finding that I need ways to focus on ‘the now’ to keep time from slipping through my fingertips. Here are some simple ways to help slow down precious time with your kiddos.

Pausing Time With Your Kids


1. Use A Watch Instead of the Clock on Your Phone

How many occasions have you pulled your phone out to see the time, then 10 minutes later you are still mindlessly staring at your phone, but you never actually checked the time? Think of all of that wasted time added up! Time that you could have been productive, or been in the moment with your kids.

Wearing a wrist watch is a simple solution. I’m excited to be using a beautiful new watch from Jord, and intend to be way more in the moment. The natural Zebrawood grain is stunning, and the colorful Rosé face plate is totally my style. It’s a great staple piece to add to any jewelry collection, and it will help balance my time too. I am encouraging you take this as a Wrist Watch Challenge!  To kick it off, I have teamed up with Jord for a $100 Gift Card Giveaway! (CLICK HERE TO ENTER) All entrants will be sent a 10% off code after the contest closes!


2. No Social Media Sundays

In this technology age, it’s easy to sink too much time into social media or googling random things on your phone that are totally irrelevant. I am 100% guilty, so recently I decided to give up Social Media on Sundays. I’m embarrassed to say, it was harder than I care to admit. Several times I found myself mindlessly scrolling feeds, only to catch myself and hastily shut the app. It’s really more of a habit than it is a desire. Giving it up allows me to solely focus on things that matter and to break the cycle of habit.

3. Set Time Limits

Set limits for electronics and help keep each other accountable! Adults, I’m talkin’ to you too! My kids will LOVE keeping me accountable, and I’m sure it will drive me bananas. It’s for the greater good, right?


4. Make Time to Do Nothing and Go Nowhere

“We can’t were too busy.” That must be the most used excuse of the decade. Our family culture needs to make time slow down and enjoy each other in unhurried ways. This school year I plan to add a “Do Nothing, Go Nowhere” calendar item. During that time we have to stay home and simply play as a family. No chores, no laundry,  no plans. It’s time to play board games, wrestle, bake cupcakes, or whatever we decide the moment. From the mouth of a silly old bear, “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” I think Winnie the Pooh was wiser than we give him credit for.


5. Make Time to Look at Them

Look at your watch. Give yourself a time minimum. If you’re busy, make it 5 minutes. Every mom and child deserves this time together.

Sit down in a chair and look at them. That’s it! Take unhurried time to really breathe them in, looking at every toe, every finger, the length of their legs, and the shape of their nose. It all changes so quickly. I like to snuggle close as they watch a cartoon and smell their hair, kiss their heads, feel them breath, and just be.


That’s it! These are the ways I am working on grabbing a hold of time and slowing it down. Taking little pauses with my kids while they are young. If you would like to join me on these challenges please let me know!  And remember, ENTER TO WIN a chance to win a $100 JORD Gift Card here. Giveaway still open!


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  1. Rachel says:

    I LOVE no social media Sunday’s. That’s such a wonderful day to make the day of church and rest even more meaningful. Good job, mama!!!!


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