“Everyone looks so much better when they smile.” Jimmy Fallon

Sure! That’s easy to say when you’re famous comedian, Jimmy Fallon, and your expensive mug is gleaming whiter than the overly processed egg shells I buy at the grocery store! But what about the tired, middle class moms like myself, who just wants to drink all the coffee and eat all of the chocolate? What do I do?!!

I joke about this, but isn’t it the truth? My poor teeth are so stained from my constant caffeine drip that is required to do all the mom and work things. Simply using teeth whitening tooth pastes doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference.

Over the years I have tried things like whitening strips, but they made my teeth so sensitive, I thought they would fall out of my face.


Naturally, when the professional teeth whitening company, Smile Brilliant, reached out see what I thought of their product, I was eager to see what the big deal was all about! I honestly expressed my concerns with teeth sensitivity, and the sweet rep put my mind at ease. To my surprise, Smile Brilliant actually offers Desensitizing Gel!


When my package arrived, I felt like a little kid at a toy shop. The packaging was perfect! As I looked through each item, it was all clearly laid out, and the process seemed simpler than I’d anticipated.


In addition to testing out their product, I have the opportunity share a Smile Brilliant gift card giveaway to one lucky reader! You too could have this awesome teeth whitening system arriving at your door step! Click here to enter to win! www.smilebrilliant.com/g/amyleecreel

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Making my teeth impressions by using their Catalyst and Base was easy enough. They give you plenty of do’s and don’ts so that you create a successful impression the first time. I will warn…. while the impression material was in my mouth for those few minutes, I think I drooled enough to fill a swimming pool. I would advise staying near a sink!


About two weeks after mailing my impressions back to Smile Brilliant, my new custom teeth whitening trays arrived. The plastic is flexible, and sits comfortably in the mouth. No irritating hard plastic edges!

Now that I had my trays, it was “Go Time!” Time to turn my smile into something I’m proud of!

I love Heidi Klum’s quote, “I believe that when you put a smile out there, you get a smile back.”, and my 90’s boy, Vanilla Ice, obviously agrees too! “Show me a smile, and I’ll show you one back.”

Smiles are important, and play a huge role in our self confidence.


I kid you not, I noticed a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth after the very first use. Exciting! I used the whitener and desensitizing gel for three days in a row, and then I felt like my teeth and gums needed a little break. Although the sensitivity wasn’t anything like other products, I wanted to play it safe!

A few days later I got started again. As I mentioned before, I have extremely sensitive teeth, so under my Smile Brilliant Rep’s guidance, I continued to take breaks between every couple of days of use. As long as I did that, I was fine. I was so excited to be noticing excellent progress in my teeth becoming more white!! My husband noticed too.

I will honestly admit, they advise not to drink coffee the day after whitening, but I’m a coffee addict and could not do that! I did drink it out of a straw, but I’m sure that impaired the speed of my results.

Here are my before and after pictures! I am so pleased with the change. I had always been self conscious about my two upper canine teeth being especially yellow, and now they are so white!

Amy Lee Creel RightBefore


After Whitening - Amy Lee Creel


I’m glad to say, I will definitely be continuing upkeep using Smile Brilliant!

Let me know your thoughts on the system, and don’t forget to enter win a gift card for your very own whitening system here! www.smilebrilliant.com/g/amyleecreel

15% off store wide code: amyleecreel15

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