Staycation at Houston CityPlace Marriott

Recently, my sister and I had the opportunity to getaway for a quick Sister Staycation at the lovely Cityplace Marriott. This gorgeous hotel is located in Northwest Houston, in the up and coming area of CityPlace Springwoods Village. Here you will find the headquarters of companies like Exxon Mobile, Southwest Energy, and HP. The area is growing like crazy. Every time I look, there is something new and fun to do!

My family has attended several memorable events at CityPlace! In early summer, attended a blogger meet-up, hosted by my dear friend over at The Ashmore’s Blog. We gathered at the Marriott for chatter, swim, and adorable swag! Then we headed to the beautiful lawn area where our kids saw Captain America, played outside, and we ate delicious food from Mingos Latin Kitchen’s food truck under the shade trees.

We also celebrated National Ice Cream Day at City Place with sweet treats from Mary Had A Little Party truck, and enjoyed Hoola Hoop pro, Mad About Hoops, on the lawn. Grayson loved it!

Naturally, when the CityPlace rep reached out to host a Staycation at the Marriott, I said ‘YES!” And what a treat it was! As soon as I arrived, the staff greeted me with grace and professionalism. I knew it was going to be a fun night. When I stepped into our room, the TV was already set up, with “Welcome Amy Lee” on the screen! (Sidenote: I love when people call me by my first and middle name.) The room was crisp, clean, and elegant. The bathroom had an oversized shower and the beds were super comfy.

As soon as my sister arrived, we headed down to the lovely hotel restaurant and bar, Switchouse for our evening festivities of sister talk, giggling, eating too much, and people watching. The room had a fabulous atmosphere, and the food was deliciously savory. Just thinking about it is making my mouth is water. The vibe is perfect for a date night, even if you weren’t staying overnight in the hotel.

In the morning, Rachel and I woke up to breakfast in bed. Again… delicious! After relaxing and enjoying a quiet, easy morning without kids climbing on me, we eased down the beautiful Marriott pool. I could have spent hours and hours there with the view of the vanishing edge and the pond beyond. All I needed was a drink, a book, and a sister! Luckily, I had all three!

Here is a list of CityPlace attractions, and more are coming soon! Being so close to The Woodlands, there are countless dining, shopping, and entertainment options there too.

  • SwitcHouse Bar & Restaurant (in Marriott)
  • Various Food Trucks and Entertainment on the lawn (see @cityplacespringwoods on instagram for updates)
  • Star Cinema Grill (walking distance)
  • Common Bond Bakery (walking distance // coming soon)
  • Shopping Center (walking distance // finishing buildout)
  • Walking / Jogging Trails