Birthday Party on a Budget

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Long ago, if you had told me that I’d have a Thanksgiving and a December Baby, I would have laughed maniacally at you, cackling that I would never do something so ludicrous!! What kind of person would plan so poorly!

‘Lo and behold, you don’t always ‘plan’ when your kids birthdays will be! Who knew?!!

Enter adult Amy, who now has 2 children with birthdays in the holiday season. (sobs into pillow) Planning parties is terribly difficult logistically. Plus, financially it’s pretty much the worst! I already have 8360 Christmas gifts I need to buy, why not tack on a few more?!

This year I decided to have a joint party for my boys who are now 4 and 8, and to plan the party on a budget. However, I vowed to not let it feel cheap or to lessen their birthday experience.

Take a look and see what you think!

Table and chairs provided by Budget Bounce Party Rentals

First thing’s first! What to do?!

After research into local party places, all seemed more expensive than my low budget aspirations so I decided to have a party at our home. Our backyard is the perfect size for a bouncy house and for kids to simply run and be free!

Before committing to a bounce house company, I headed to the place that all moms go when seeking advice for all things motherhood. The neighborhood Facebook mom’s group!! They are like a bunch of Yoda’s offering mostly sage advice. It was quickly clear that Budget Bounce Party Rentals had great customer loyalty and reviews. The mom’s had spoken!

Before long, the owner, Chris Nolan, I were talking on the phone like old pals. I learned about the history of his company, and all of the incredible things that he and his wife, Shaddo, do for their church and community. Beautiful people!

I decided on the most rockin’ octopus bounce house! It came complete with a slide and pool filled with ball pit balls instead of water since our party was in a winter month. Brilliant idea! When I told my boys they lit up with sheer joy!!

Food and Cake

Strategically, I held our party between meal times so that I didn’t have to provide a meal. Instead, I opted for fruit and veggie trays, and it was perfect! Nobody was hungry or lacking. For drinks, we had juice boxes, water, and sweet tea. You can’t have a party in the south without sweet tea!

Some of you Betty homemakers would have made your own cake, but that’s one item I’m willing to invest in the pros! My kiddos don’t love cake, so we do cookie cakes. Our Great American Cookies cake was devoured in minutes after singing Happy Birthday! Cookie cake is always a hit with us.

Setting Up

For our party I wanted to keep things easy. 95% of our party was outside, with the exception of tea and coffee, and a Christmas movie playing for any kids who needed a break.

Chris from Budget Bounce Party Rentals delivered the bounce house, tables and chairs in advance so I had plenty of stress free time just to clean, prep, and set up everything else.

It was so helpful having the extra tables and chairs! I had one for gifts, and the other two were for parents to sit and relax as kiddos went bonkers. On my patio table, I set up a few snack options and an iced drink bucket.

Our piñata station was set up near the bounce house. Too bad my son smashed it before half his friends got a turn!

Total Budget Party Expenses

  • Value of Bounce House Rental: $100+ (depending on inflatable size)
  • Value of 6 ft tables ( $9 x 3 ) : $27
  • Value of folding chairs ($1.50 x 18 ) : $27
  • Large Cookie Cake : $40
  • Food & Drink : ~ $30
  • Piñata : $20
  • Party Decor : $10

Idea for the Future: Budget Bounce Party Rentals provides other fun backyard games for rent, like Giant Jenga and Connect 4.

Bounce House Referral Program!!

If you’re in Houston, one of the best parts that Budget Bounce Party Rentals offers (in addition to the stellar customer service), is their Referral Program! For every person you refer, you will get $10 off of your next rental, up to free! 10 referrals = $100 bounce house for free! So, if you head their way, please let them know that I sent you!

Good luck with all of your party endeavors!! I would love to hear your budget friendly tips, so leave a comment!


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