Finding My Voice

Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t published any blogs in a while. A very long while. Let’s just say, I’ve had laryngitis of the soul, and it’s been hard to speak. It’s been hard to find my voice, much less tap into inspiration enough to sit down and write anything noteworthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about many things, including important aspects of what is going on in our world and especially our American culture. From the beginning, I have wanted to use my voice to amplify others, and lately I haven’t done as great of a job as I should have. It’s hard to amplify others voices when I can hardly find my own.

The past year has been brutal personally. I’m not talking about COVID or quarantining. That has just been bitter icing on the rotten cake. I don’t feel that I can fully explain myself yet, but what I can say is that I’ve been grieving and am healing in ways that I didn’t know were possible, in ways that I didn’t realize I needed. God has had me in the palm of his hand and he has made his presence, provision, and peace known to me at every moment. Even in my lowest lows, I’ve had a sense of peace and comfort that goes beyond what words can begin to express. Despite this road I’m on, I have grown stronger, more resilient, and I’m beginning to find my voice again. A voice that I intend to use for good and in big ways.

Lately, I’m beginning to walk around with ideas and goals buzzing in my head. My second book has been sitting finished on my hard drive for nearly two years now. I haven’t had inspiration enough to finish the process. But, my wheels are turning and I’m finally ready.

Recently, I awoke one night from a vivid dream that I was speaking as a the host of a Gospel Choir night at my church. In my dream I prayed over the mostly black crowd a beautiful prayer of racial reconciliation, protection, and hope for the future. When I woke I knew that I needed to hit my knees and pray it for real. So I did. I have an overwhelming sense that God wants me to write out that prayer and share it. So that’s coming.

My voice is coming back. Slowly but surely. Get ready.


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